Thursday, June 23, 2011

My name is Kasha Jordyn - BABE OF THE WEEK

Wow A REAL Hottie,  Check out the pics, After The Bio,

Hello,  Phil & Bill, Thank you for Picking me, To be the Babe of the Week!!! 

 My name is Kasha Jordyn, and I currently reside in Greeley, Colorado. I have enjoyed modeling from age 17, but had to stop at 21 when my mother was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever. While taking care of her, I was diagnosed with Lupus at age 23 (basically my immune system cannot distinguish its own cells, tissues and foreign matter, like viruses. Instead of fighting against viruses with antibodies, my system creates auto-antibodies that attack the immune system itself.) Over the years I have worked 9-5 jobs, only to have modeling in the back of my mind. Through KR Productions, I was encouraged to pursue modeling once again regardless of age because I was told, “Beauty isn’t only from 18-25.” So through perseverance and dedication, I am back to doing what I love and at the same time helping others to achieve their goals through my example. 
I love doing charity work and have been involved with some very cool events such as the Kristi Visocky Dream Run, Fight Like a Girl Breast Cancer Awareness Run, Cindy’s Poker Run, and the 2nd and 3rd annual Front Porch Coalition Suicide Prevention Run.  For me, charity events hit close to home because of how they had given to my sister prior to her passing through Make a Wish Foundation. I feel that this is my way of giving back to the local community in hopes of touching someone’s life in the same way my sisters life was. 
 I was fortunate to work with KR Productions out of Rapid City, South Dakota for their 2010-2011 calendar. Although I worked with and met a lot of great people, I missed my Rocky Mountains and wanted moved back. Upon hearing this, KR Productions decided to expand with me as their local poster model in Colorado. 
I am available for:
  • Events
  • Print Work
  • Photo Shoots
  • Web Work
  • Promo Work 
For Bookings, Pricing, and Availability please contact my Manager Ryan at: 605.431.2814, or at  
 Kasha Jordyn

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