Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DON'T TRUST ANYONE...Not for a single second

A friend of mine who is an excellent, well trained rider was on his way to work this morning on the freeway.   He came up on a car that was going 10 MPH under the limit.  The inside rear-view mirror was missing, and the outside mirror was pointing up and away somewhere else.    Traffic was bunching up behind them, so he passed in the next lane.  He glanced into the car and saw the driver was a young woman who was texting on her cel with both hands and steering with her knees.... At that point, her car veered towards him into his lane.   If she had hit his bike, he would have either stuck the pickup in the next lane or gone under the SUV that was following him.   As it was,  he got away.  Don't trust anyone....Even for a single second !    Today was his Daughter's second birthday,  and she almost had the opportunity to grow up not knowing a Father,  and being reminded every year that June 21st was the date that he had died.    Be Aware,  Be Alert, and Be Ready.

John Del Santo  
  Benjamin Franklin

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