Friday, October 29, 2010

Just a Bunch of Pics

Reiss preparing to wrap Milla's birthday gift in wedding shower wrapping paper. (Because we're fancy like that!)

Milla trying on her new Tinkerbell costume she received as a birthday gift.


Reiss getting into one of Milla's gift bags...

Notice the legs coming out of the bottom of the bag?

Birthday cake!!!

This is what a sixty-nine-year-old man (my dad) looks like jumping on a trampoline.

Reiss trying on his chef's costume for Halloween that I have not been able to get him to wear to either of the two costume parties we have gone to this week. Thank goodness, the tags are still on it....bwahahahaha!

Milla in her peacock princess costume...

We went to a Halloween dress-up/family fun night this evening at the preschool where Milla goes a few mornings per week. Here, Reiss is high-five-ing one of the teachers in Milla's classroom.

LOVE this photo! Reiss, Milla, and Christina, Milla's lead teacher in her preschool classroom.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chop Cult Classifieds

Here's a few cool bikes for sale that I found on one of my favourite websites, Chop Cult.

You should buy one...

Here's an 02 Bobber for $5900, from Lakewood, CA.

Ad says:

2002 Honda 600-cc, engine only has 1,970 miles runs perfect, rigid set up, new candy paint (pictures don't do it justice) new tires, new bars, custom seat with 3" springs, electric start, all other useless stuff removed, bike is super clean and ready to ride.

Here's a 1981 Yamaha XS650 Hardtail Chop - Tagged, Titled & Running great - $2500

Ad says:

This bike is 100% complete and needs nothing besides a new owner. It has been ridden daily for the last 6 months and has made numerous 2-300 miles trips without a hitch. I built the bike from stock, so I know everything about it and can answer all questions.

This bike is not for everyone! It is currently operating without a front break (I have stock parts to bolt brake back on) and is kickstart ONLY! It is a 1-3 kick bike ALWAYS and has never let me down. It leaks oil from the clutch pushrod seal like most XS’ do, but can be fixed with a $4 seal from… I’ve just been too busy riding it to fix it! This bike is not a trailer queen or a show bike. What it is, is a respectable, garage built bike, with some great parts and tried and tested reliability.

1981 Yamaha XS650

*Frame custom hardtailed professionally in a jig, by a reputable source. This is a one off design, by me. Not your typical pre-fabbed weld-on piece. 0 stretch and 4.5" ground clearance with TC Brothers axle plates. Stock wheelbase makes for a nice aggressive riding position.
*Motor is stock with all filters/oil changed. Valve covers are powdercoated as well as other bits and pieces. Around 13k miles on the motor.
*Transmission shifts great, no issues.
*New chain and sprockets. Rear sprocket reduced from 34 teeth to 32 making it great for cruising at freeway speeds.
*Stock electronic CDI ignition, nice and reliable
*Custom wiring all hidden within a custom electronic box.
*BS34 Carbs with Heiden DynoTune kit
*1.75” modified Omars Dirt Track Half Mile Pipes
*Deep tunnel Wassell knockoff tank with flame paint
*Numerous Flyrite Choppers parts including: Seat, fender, fender brace
*Bates style sidemount headlight, custom headlight ears powdercoated.
* XS650 19” front wheel, 16” rear with tires that were put on this year.
*Mounting hardware, bungs, tabs etc. from Lowbrow Customs

Friday, October 22, 2010

Visual Impact XS650 Brat Kit

Did you really think that I'd throw up some more pics of half naked hotties?!
Thanks for all the hits.  I'll post some more next week.

Visual Impact

Here is the kit that I've ordered from Visual Impact to make my '76 XS650 into a 'Brat Style' bike.  This is the first step for this bike, with a few more to follow. This kit gives the builder lots of flexibility in creating a one of a kind brat xs 650. The goal was to create a affordable kit for the home builder that had lots of flexibility, without compromising style.

These directions and instructions were taken directly from the Visual Impact website.  You can find that website here: Visual Impact Website


All the pipe that is included is high quality D.O.M tubing. Each piece has extra material on either side to allow for many different configurations. The kit also includes Solid steel plugs machined to fit the frame and two plugs to cap off the top rails. Finally, 4 tabs to mount the shocks from.

For about $100 bucks Cdn, I'll take it.

Check out some pictures below of the kit installed...

Cut off the rear section like so!

Slip in the supplied plugs as pictured. Make sure to drill some 3/8 inch holes around the pipes so you can plug weld these plugs in. This will help to strengthen the union between the pipes and also will keep the plug from falling down into the frame when you install them

Depending on which way you slide the plugs in to the new upper tubes it will be a tight fit and may not meet the pipe all the way. This is to allow space between the pipes, especially if you are mig welding the two parts together. Leave a small gap between the pipes. This will allow you to weld the pipes and the plug together all at once. The main concern is only to make sure you get good penetration on your weld to the plug. Dont over do it. To much is as bad as not enough weld.

Leave some space between the pipes to make sure you have a nice weld and drill out those pipes to plug weld them for strength

Drill holes in both pipes and plug weld the holes shut to help grab the inner frame plug. This will help to make a stronger union and make the bike safer

If you plan to use shocks like the ones pictured you will need to cut off the old bracket on the swingarm and make a new one thats a bit longer.

 Shorter shocks allow for a nice low stance and some attitude. Make sure you have the shocks on hand that you will be using before installing your kit.

 The Finished Brat Kit...

Note the different shock layout on this customer bike. This shows some of the versatility in the builder kit. You pick the shock location and size and set it up to the look you want. Also note the top seat rails and how this customer chose to attach them.

Here's a Custom XS650 built by Visual Impact:
Built wih the same kit...

Here's a video of the bike on the road: