Friday, June 24, 2011

Connecticut - THOMASTON - Trumbull man charged with firearm violation

A member of a motorcycle club associated with the Hells Angels was charged with illegal transfer of a pistol by state police following a traffic stop May 1.

State police pulled over Michael Alexander Sparano, 44, of 60 Jackson Dr., Trumbull, on Route 6 after the officer noticed the handlebars on his motorcycle were positioned above his shoulders. The two other motorcyclists he was riding with were instructed to continue east and wait, police said.

Sparano, at liberty on a $5,000 non-surety bond, is awaiting his arraignment June 27.

A the time of the arrest, Sparano was wearing a black leather vest, also known as his “colors,” a term used to describe the vest worn by members of motorcycle gangs that have patches signifying accomplishments, the members’ home city and state, in addition to other associations. The officer noticed a “ball peen hammer” pin on the front of Sparano’s vest, signifying an association with the Hells Angels Motorcycle club or “coalition,” according to court documents.

Sparano said the club he belonged to was fairly new. He confirmed the club was a supporter of the Hells Angels, court records indicate.

When the officer asked if Sparano was armed, he said he had a pistol in his right front pocket. The officer secured the loaded .25 caliber Walther semi-automatic handgun. Sparano did have a valid pistol permit, but the weapon was not registered to him, police said.

Sparano said he was carrying the older firearm because it was small and the first one he grabbed out of his safe. He explained that he obtained the weapon one-year prior while working in a basement in Stratford. His friend found the gun behind numerous boxes and gave it to him, but he neglected to report it to the residents of the house or the police.

In addition, Sparano confirmed he did not register the firearm or the transfer of it to his possession with the state police as required by law. The firearm could have been used illegally and discarded without fear of it being traced, but otherwise appear to be carried legally because it had not been reported stolen and it still had its serial number, police said.

Police confirmed that Sparano has 35 weapons registered to him in the state police weapons database, court records indicate.

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