Friday, November 26, 2010




And you think your child's teacher or School Board 'knows' about autism?

The cage you see below is not new. BF Skinner famed for his work on operant conditioning (verbal behaviour anyone?) built the 'baby box' for his daughter Deborah in 1945, see here: 
If it's good enough for BF Skinner's daughter, it should have been good enough for this wee boy in Scotland don't you think? I have a spare dog house out the back if anyone wants it - would do for a small child, you could insulate it and put a hatch in it to slide the child's dinner into, no human contact whatsoever required.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

My family's take on the Glutenista's fruit turkey...Hope you and yours have a
Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pigging Out to "Princess Loser"

This evening at dinner in the sweetest imaginable voice ever, Milla told me, "Mommy, I want to watch "Princess Loser" with you tonight."

It is presumably obvious to most that what she really meant was she wanted to watch Biggest Loser with me. I can only imagine as to how she came to this association but my guess is somewhere along the way in her three-year-old mind she married her princess obsession and her love of Mommy & Me couch time and gave birth to "Princess Loser," which is almost certainly nothing like what it sounds.

All of it was, undoubtedly, too cute for words.

At 8:00, we sat down and tuned in and, as is always the case when I watch Biggest Loser, the junk food cravings began.

There was a time when I actually believed most of America sat perfectly postured, watching Biggest Loser, with a bottle of water and on the edge of their couches, listening intently to Bob and Jillian advise and verbally assault the show's contestants. And then, very slowly, I began a process of waking up as I watched my friends' Facebook posts.

I began to see that my husband and I are not only not the exception with our open potato chip bags and homemade muffins and assorted other goodies that grace our Tuesday evening Biggest Loser tv-watching sessions, but rather, we are the rule. And that is ironic. With children with autism and the never-ending unpredictability we face, we are almost never "the rule." Usually, we set a precedent for being the exception to the rule.

This evening's Biggest Loser buffet consisted of buffalo chicken snack rolls, mint Oreo's, and mint M&M's. Good stuff. I am sure Bob and Jillian would be disgusted beyond belief.

Anyone who knows me, knows how I love a good case of irony.

My family's life is full of irony on a daily basis. Sometimes the irony is good. Sometimes it is the kind of bad that angers me to no end. With all the irony constantly going on, I also crave normalcy like nothing else. How funny is it that I finally get to feel just a teensy bit "normal" because I sit, pigging out, on Tuesday evenings right along with millions of other Americans while we all watch a show about extreme weight loss?

That is irony. The good kind.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Get Plowed

Who needs a good plow?

I just put my plow back on my quad over the weekend and I'm looking forward to plowing all my neighbors.  They all like it when they get plowed.  Most of them give me the thumbs up and some even give me hot chocolate after I plow them.  Some of the guys in the neighborhood don't appreciate when I plow if they're not home. Im sure they would like to get their plow on as well.  But I guess they have to deal with it 'cause I can't stand it when everyone is just standing around and not getting plowed.  Some of the ladies on my block have even started calling me "Mr. Plow"

Cool Vid of a Train Plowing snow off the tracks...
I wonder if Theo Fluery is the conductor.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who Has Time for Boredom?

Really, I cannot even begin to comprehend how anyone can ever be bored. Yet, almost daily, this friend or that one on Facebook will post a status update either straightforwardly declaring such boredom or implying such with the indecisiveness of which activity to take on at any particular moment. I guess that is only one difference between myself and some of my Facebook friends: Some people use Facebook as a form of escape from boredom. I use it as a form of escape from my endless to-do list.

Right now, I am using my blog to escape my to-do list. And since I have little to write about, I will bore others with the details of my to-do list.

On my to-do list for this week, I need to.....

Tie up any loose ends for people on my family's Christmas gift list. It used to be for a long time that I was really great about having all our gifts purchased before Thanksgiving. That was B.C. (Before Children) This year has been a year of change though, and I am vowing to have that shopping done before Thanksgiving again. Unless absolutely necessary, I detest setting foot in stores between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Get all our goodies together for Thanksgiving, Rounds 2 & 3. Round 1 came yesterday evening when we had James' mother over for dinner. It was supposed to be Thanksgiving but we had roast. I thought I was receiving a fresh organic turkey from our produce delivery service this past Friday. I was going to receive it on Friday, prep it that evening, and then roast it all day on Saturday. Much to my surprise, our turkey arrived Friday afternoon rock solid. It is now resting in the garage refrigerator and - by my estimations and according to Google - will be just about ready for roasting on......Wednesday. Round 2 of Thanksgiving will be Wednesday and Round 3 will be on, you guessed it, Thanksgiving.

Clean out my SUV. Who am I kidding? This has been on my to-do list for months. I did go get the oil changed on Wednesday. That's progress, right? Even if I did only do so for the few moments of peace and the Starbucks self-serve machine at the dealership...

Tackle the paper monster that grows and shrinks and grows and shrinks on my desk. On a positive note, it does indeed have a home on the desk now, rather than the kitchen counter where, until recently, it resided for several months.

Call the phone company to disconnect all the added features on our home phone. Now that I have finally ditched my dinophone and entered the new millenium with my iPhone, who needs all the extras on a home phone? I know we don't. Anyone who really needs to get in touch with us has my cell phone number.

Clean out some of these toys around here. Some will go to the second-hand store. Others will go straight to Goodwill. I would really love to just give them to someone whose children could use them instead of take them to Goodwill where they will invariably be marked with prices that are way too high. Alas, I know no one who wants to take a bunch of this-n-that toys off our hands and finding a family with a true need would only add to my to-do list. Does that make me horrible for admitting I plan on taking the easy way out by making a drop at Goodwill?

Look into a research program I read about that provides children with autism an opportunity for socialization. Reiss is part of a social group already but this program is one that would provide him with socialization amongst children he has never met.

Enough of my to-do list. Just thinking about it and writing it all down wears me out.

If you are still reading, surely you are bored. Go on, now - head on over to Facebook and let all your friends know how bored you are.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Lost Fingers

This post has nothing to do with chicks with tattoos, or motorcycles either.

This is a music post.  I like music.  All kinds of music.  

I Came across this gipsy jazz band by chance on iTunes the other day.  The trio is based out of Montreal.  Im sure Kent Kerkhoff has heard of them, Kent is a music freak.

They 're-mixed', if that's fair to call it, a bunch of old 80's pop songs.  Sunglasses at Night, Summer of 69, Tainted Love, Patio Lanterns, Pump up the Jam, among many others.  Out came some funny, witty stuff.  Check it out.  Its different.  You may like it, you may not.  GFY.  It's in my headphones while I shovel snow.

The Lost Fingers Website 

Pump up the Jam:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cafe Racer

I gotta re-think this whole XS650 plan...

So here I sit, blogging on a Friday night.  Why?  Well I was out in the garage having a beer and clam, sitting there staring at my XS650.  I was ebaying a little bit earlier tonight as well and I came across some sick looking cafe racer parts, which included a cafe racer seat and a cafe style fairing.

I might of just had a change of plans...

Today Was EGG YACK Day

Do you ever start planning out your day and then realize there is no way you are going to remember everything you need to do, much less actually do it all? That describes me to a T (or is it tee?), so I am all about lists.

I have my calendar and I write lists of things on each of the days. I have my iPhone and I make lists on my list app. I have a small spiral notebook on the kitchen counter in which I write things that need to be done as I think of them. I have my grocery list. And then there is the health food store list, for things I cannot get at the regular grocery. Perhaps I should consider making a list of all my lists.

This morning, while walking on the treadmill, thoughts of "I need to ____ today" kept popping into my head. As I kept adding things, one by one, I just knew many of them would escape my memory before I even set foot back onto the carpet and could make my way to a piece of paper to actually write them all down. At that point, I began to make a word from the first letters of the keywords of the things I needed to do. There is a name for this practice, but alas, the name for it escapes me. Imagine that.

What I finally ended up with was that today was EGG YACK day. I can't make this stuff up - it really was EGG YACK day because here is what made up my to-do list for the day:

E - Call my gynie, whose last name begins with "E."
G - Place our Green Bean Delivery order for next week's delivery. This is our organic produce home-delivery service.
G - Take some items out to the garbage that I had forgotten to put in the cans before James took them out this morning.

Y - Call the YMCA regarding one of the programs we are interested in signing up Reiss for very soon.
A - Call Amy, who is the assistant to the woman who is in charge of our ABA programs.
C - Email my friend, Chris, about a toy I told her weeks ago she could have and that I have yet to give to her.
K - Check the Flylady website to see what today's Kelly's Mission was so that I could do it, you know, in all my spare time. To my pleasant surprise, I had miraculously already done today's mission just before getting on the treadmill. Yay me! I didn't let myself off the hook that easily though, and decided to see what yesterday's mission was, as I had not done so yesterday.

So there you have it. Today was EGG YACK day and eleven hours later, I still need to do K. Technically, just yesterday's K.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010