Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AUSTRALIA - Finks bikie Nicholas 'Nick the Knife' Forbes released on bail


THERE is no Finks bikie "terror team" and Nicholas Forbes' infamous "Knife" nickname is a legacy of his teen years, a court has heard.
The Supreme Court this afternoon ordered Forbes, 41, of the Gold Coast, be released on bail.

He has yet to plead to one aggravated count of causing a riot, arising from the May 29 Hindley St brawl between Finks and Hell's Angels bikies.

On Friday, the Adelaide Magistrates Court granted Forbes release on bail - that decision was appealed, to the Supreme Court, by prosecutors.

Today Anthony Quartuccio, for the Crown, said Forbes was a "poor candidate" for bail.

He said Forbes played an "integral role" in the brawl and can be seen, on CCTV footage, swinging a metal bar stool as a weapon.

"Forbes has a distinctive appearance with the number 66 tattooed on his neck... that stands for FF, or `Finks Forever'," he said.

"He also has a tattoo of the phrase `Terror Team' on his neck... that's the term for a sub-unit of the Finks based at Southport in Queensland.

"The team of 12 individuals is used internally, by the Finks, to engage in the enforcement of bylaws."

Craig Caldicott, for Forbes, said that was incorrect.

"The term `Terror Team' is a nickname of joke that was taken by a number of members of the group," he said.

Justice Chris Kourakis said he "didn't see the joke".

Mr Caldicott said the name had been taken by a "breakaway group" within the Finks who had neither a special purpose nor powers.

"There is no such thing as an enforcement group within the Finks Motorcycle Club," he said.

"There's a sergeant-at-arms, who simply makes sure members pay their fees on a fortnightly basis, but that's not Mr Forbes."

Justice Kourakis asked if Forbes was known, by his associates, as "Nick the Knife".

Mr Caldicott said that "appears to be so".

"That came as a result of him being 16 years of age... he used to hunt and, sometimes, he used a knife," he said.

"Sometimes, a nickname given to you in your teenage years stays with you for life."

He said that, throughout his long criminal history, Forbes had answered his bail - even when charged with attempted murder.

That charge, arising out of a 2006 brawl, was downgraded and resulted in an 18-month jail term.

Justice Kourakis said that, despite "some hesitation", he would release Forbes on bail.

He ordered his sister provide an additional $5000 guarantee, and that Forbes report to police in Queensland six days a week.

Forbes will be released as soon as his sister - who lives interstate - signs the bail paperwork.


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