Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bike club veterans say they're not being served; VFW enlists strict dress code/VFW Post 76

No Veteran Should Disrespect Another- EVER!
They pride themselves on serving veterans but now a local VFW post is not serving a certain groups of veterans based on what they are wearing. So why the dress code?
More than half a century after the Vietnam War, a VFW post should be a place of peace. But not every veteran says they feel welcomed at the oldest post in Texas.
"This is a place of honor and respect," said Albert Mireles, commander elect of the VFW Post 76. He's calling on all veterans to honor and respect a new discipline that includes a dress code. The commander says the strict rules were voted on and approved by the membership board after incidents involving the "Leathernecks" and "Vietnam Legacy Vets." These are two groups of veterans that ride together in motorcycle clubs.

"As a result of these confrontations," said Mireles. "Some customers felt uneasy."
He says because other patrons felt threatened, the board voted to tighten the rules. Now no motorcycles on the grounds and no bike club vests on their backs. "That's it," said Mireles. "Take your vest off," he said.Eyewitness News talked to one of the local bike club presidents. He says he plans to appeal at the next board meeting.
Meantime, the VFW says everyone can come and drink, just don't come in club colors. "This is our house please respect it," said Mireles.
The rule doesn't just apply to vet bikers, but all bike clubs including police clubs.

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