Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carly Fleischmann

Many times, people have sent me videos to watch and articles to read underlined with the imperative, 'you have to watch/read this.' Most of the time I am disappointed at not having learned anything new.

This short video is truly different ( ) and is guaranteed to inspire and uplift. If you are at all feeling down at the moment, if you or your child are going through a rough patch, well, I suggest you get a nice cup of tea and absorb the message of Carly Fleischmann, the hope and the love and the pure awesomeness!
I have no need to embellish this short video about the amazing Carly Fleischmann.

Just watch it and share it with others and remember it the next time someone tries to say our children are 'autistic' like that means something negative!

ENJOY     (video)   (Carly's amazing website)

"Don't give up, your inner voice will find it's way out, mine did".

Carly Fleischmann

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